In connection with the May elections to the European Parliament, we want to familiarize readers with the subject of the European Union. Show it as a community not only of countries, but above all of its inhabitants.

From March 3, in the Saturday issue of Gazeta Wyborcza, we will be publishing the supplement ‘Our Europe’ dedicated to the European Union. It will contain a variety of texts on European topics, including political news, interviews with well-known European personalities, portraits of ordinary Europeans, pre-election debates and polls, as well as quizzes, tests and crosswords of knowledge about the Union.

We want our readers to learn many points of view on the European community, that’s why a large part of the supplement ‘Our Europe’ will be covered by texts from foreign press, including the Financial Times, The Economist and Politico.

The supplement “Our Europe” will be available both in the paper and mobile version, as well as on the choice website. On our website, in a specially prepared section, in addition to texts, you will also find video materials and live coverage of the most important events accompanying elections to the EP.

Readers who subscribe to the newsletter “Our Europe” will regularly send additional articles with the latest European information and analysis.

We will also have regular contact with the readers on social media – on the fan page “Our Europe” / Eurovision we will systematically publish articles on the subject of the European Union and eurovot, as well as video materials and chats with journalists and important figures of Polish and European politics. It will be a place for discussion about European community issues.

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