This month, next to the name of our newspaper, we have put the sentence: “There is no freedom without solidarity.” We used it for the first time when we were reclaiming freedom back in 1989. It expressed our joint efforts to build a new state based on principles of democracy, solidarity and community.

Now it returns to our front page because the times in which we live yet again require this same noble message and commitment.

We are asking for your solidarity with all those who, for the past four years, have been subjected to different forms of exclusion by the current Polish authorities.

On July 20, blood was shed as several thousand extreme nationalists, encouraged by some bishops, priests and Law and Justice politicians, attacked the Equality March in Bialystok, throwing stones and bottles at the participants, spitting on them, hitting and kicking them.

We stand with those who were violently attacked while participating in the Equality March as well as with the members of the LGBT+ community. We will always be with those who are abused and humiliated, as well as with those whose fundamental rights are being denied. That is why, as the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation, we decided to start an international endowment for the solidarity with Poland. You can support democracy in Poland and make our voice stronger. Thank you

Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation aims to built a Solidarity Fund, with which we plan to finance activities to support discriminated groups. By transferring your funds to us, you will support not only independent journalism, but also all those who, thanks to the work of our journalists, feel safer during protests, struggles with the police or in the courts. In the fight for a better tomorrow, every penny counts.

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