In August Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation together with Gazeta Wyborcza and Dagens Nyheter started “Solidarity with Poland” campaign. The campaign has been launched just after, next to the name of Gazeta Wyborcza, the sentence appeared: “There is no freedom without solidarity.” Gazeta Wyborcza used it for the first time when Poland reclaiming freedom back in 1989. It expressed the joint efforts to build a new state based on principles of democracy, solidarity and community. Now it returns to the front page because the times in which we live yet again require this same noble message and commitment.

The main aim of the “Solidarity with Poland” campaign is to inform the international audience about the most pressing threats for Polish democracy and to build the strong support for our struggle in defense of the rule of law. To do that we created the weekly newsletter in which our most brilliant journalists describe the state of recent affairs in Poland. Every week our newsletter is focused on the different pillar of democracy such as: system of education, judiciary, international relations of Poland and so on.

Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation also aims to built a Solidarity With Poland Fund, with which we plan to finance activities to support discriminated groups. By transferring your funds to us, you will support not only independent journalism, but also all those who, thanks to the work of our journalists, feel safer during protests, struggles with the police or in the courts. In the fight for a better tomorrow, every penny counts.

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The abuse of power comes as no surprise. With the “News from Poland” service, Gazeta Wyborcza and Gazeta Wyborcza foundation are joining forces to help those with limited access to media coverage about Poland due to the language barrier. Our goal is to guarantee open access to high quality journalism for expats and English speakers interested in Polish affairs.

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