We have established the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation to promote freedom and reliability of the media. We want to develop independent journalism through educational and cultural activity in a broad sense. Projects realised within the Foundation have an all-Poland and international outreach, which is achieved in collaboration with the biggest media in Europe.
Freedom of expression, democracy, tolerance, human rights and equality… are parts of the DNA code of Gazeta Wyborcza.

For 30 years we have engaged in the most important social topics in the spirit of citizen journalism. And we will continue to do that. We have clearly learned a lot about the importance of the free media recently. Wishing to support the development of independent journalism and reliable media coverage, we established the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation.

It is our intention to promote social initiatives and citizen projects along with all activities aimed at broadening freedom of the media, upgrading the quality of journalism, developing education and critical thinking.

Our aim is all-Polish and international cultural and educational activity in the scope of journalism, art and culture, as well as the integration of the scientific, journalist, arts and business communities around the most important topics of the modern world - peace, freedom, democracy and civil rights.
We need financial means to realise aims and projects of the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation.

  • You can support the foundation activity by donating money to the bank account number:

  • PLN PL89 2190 0002 3000 0046 4052 0101
    USD PL24 2190 0002 3000 0046 4052 0301
    EUR PL08 2190 0002 3000 0046 4052 0201
    IBAN PL89 2190 0002 3000 0046 4052 0101

  • The mission of the foundation can also be supported by buying or renewing your subscription for Gazeta Wyborcza.

Donators can also support specific journalism projects realised by the foundation. Following a donation, donators shall be sent regular updates about the progress related to the project they supported.

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