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Access to reliable content is the basis for the social, cultural and intellectual development of every young persons. Become a sponsor of the digital subscription to and help us develop the next generations of readers.

What is the purpose of the project?

The goal of our project is to support students, university employees, libraries and public benefit organizations throughout Poland in accessing credible and reliable content.

How can you help

Your entire financial support (one-off or cyclical) will be entirely allocated to the purchase of the Gazeta Wyborcza digital subscription for the these groups and organizations. We will provide them with unlimited access to subscriptions in selected facilities (via Wi-Fi) or on any device (computer, telephone). Each digital subscription costs from 15-20 PLN annually. For example, by donating PLN 500, you fund the subscriptions for up to 33 people. The Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation will add another one to each of your digital subscriptions that you fund.

Why is it worth

In the age of fake news and alternative truths, access to reliable information has become more important than ever. We want to help the young generation develop civic awareness and make mature social decisions.

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The abuse of power comes as no surprise. With the “News from Poland” service, Gazeta Wyborcza and Gazeta Wyborcza foundation are joining forces to help those with limited access to media coverage about Poland due to the language barrier. Our goal is to guarantee open access to high quality journalism for expats and English speakers interested in Polish affairs.

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