Ukrainian Media Fund

In the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the spread of disinformation by the occupant, the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation and its partners established a Fund for Ukraine dedicated to direct support of journalists and publishers in the war zone.

Media and journalistic organizations from Nordic countries which co-created our Fund: Bonnier News, Swedish Media Publishers’ Association, Danish Newspapers AssociationFinnish Media Federation, News Media Finland, and Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association.

The Fund has been supported by other European media and cultural organisations: European Cultural FoundationSwedish television T4 ,Swedish TV2, Sanoma Media FinlandA-lehdet Oy and HSS Media from Finland, Norwegian media groups: Polaris and NHST and Stiftelsen Skelleftepress. Many other institutional and individual Donors joined our cause as well.

The current capital of the Fund amounts to €410.000

The collected funds are being used to purchase the equipment necessary for journalists working in war zones, financial support for journalists and media organizations in Ukraine, and the relocation of journalists to Poland and other EU countries. To this end, we are cooperating with the media and organizations in Ukraine and other parts of Europe.

If you want to join the Fund, please contact

Jarosławem Śliżewskim:

More information can be found in this article.

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